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Introducing Lumix PRO Services

We are excited to begin offering personalized Lumix camera, lens and accessories support for our imaging professionals. The Lumix Pro Services(LPS) program is designed for professional photographers, filmmakers and cinematographers, offering prioritized support, expedited delivery and repairs, special discounts, exclusive phone support and more. Our goal is to provide everything you count on to operate and grow a successful business with Lumix.

Why Now?

For over 10 years we have listened to professional creators to develop and build the most innovative imaging technology on the market. Our pros provide valuable feedback on every aspect of our business, and that includes service. We've taken your feedback and put together a program that reflects your highest priorities for speed, service, and support.

  • Eligibility

    Lumix PRO Services is designed for professionals.
    The following are the ownership prerequisites for membership:

    2 current Lumix Professional Camera Bodies

    (see full list of qualifying bodies).

    +4 Lumix lenses

    (see full list of qualifying lenses).


We are launching Lumix PRO Services with our platinum membership, providing our highest level of convenience and service.

Exclusive Member Hotline
8:00am-8:00pm EST, Monday-Friday
Service Turnaround
2 Business Days1
Service Shipping
Free Next Day shipping, both ways2
Repair Discount
20% off out-of-warranty repairs
Free Sensor or EVF Clean, Lens Calibration, Firmware Update
2 bodies and 2 lenses per year, in up to 2 shipments
Repair Loaner
For Repairs requiring more than 2 business days3
New Product Evaluation Loaner
Program launching 2020
Premium Welcome Kit
Includes Membership card & gift
Partner Discounts
Program launching 2019
Annual Membership Fee
$ 199 (USD)
1If repair requires more time, loaner will be provided (model based on availability). 2 Unless otherwise specified, within the contiguous United States 3 Based on availability

Our Team

The Lumix PRO Services team is specially trained and works exclusively on Lumix cameras, lenses and accessories. All of our team members are passionate about our customers and our cameras- meet some of our US team here!


Get a peak behind-the-scenes (thanks to Lumix Global Ambassador, William Innes)

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